about me

who i am

My husband Dave and me
My name is Heather McCray.  I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the oldest child in a family of three.  Raised as a Buckeye, I graduated from The Ohio State University in June of 2010 with my bachelor's degree in Journalism.

During my time at OSU, I interned for and had articles published in both The Lantern and Hoof Beats Magazine.  Since OSU, I have been published multiple times as a freelance journalist for local magazines, and I have written and assembled several books for my happy Memories in Print clients.

I was raised in a story-telling family, and I loved every animated recount of our family tales.  When I was a child, at my bedtime I would often tell my parents that I had forgotten a particular story (which was a fib) just so they would tell it to me again from beginning to end.  That early love stuck with me and grew - I still can't get enough of people and their beautiful stories.

I married my husband, Dave, a super-smart engineer and native of Cleveland, in December of 2008.  We live in northwest Columbus with our quirky little cat.  We love adventuring and exploring together (I have the dirt-caked hiking boots to prove it), and if you come looking for us on a sunny Saturday, we're probably out together on a long motorcycle ride.

why i do this

"Nana" - About 1950
In the spring of 2009, I made plans with my Boston-raised grandmother to spend a summer weekend interviewing her.  Unfortunately, the summer of 2009 passed without setting a date, and in September my classes started back up again.  I resolved to try again the following summer.

But I had had too much faith in my Nana's will and health.  In the early spring of 2010, during my last quarter of college, her health began to spiral and on May 16, 2010, she quietly passed away.

When my father called to tell me the news, I felt a punch of regret, both for the
loss of my Nana and the loss of her stories.  I know snippets and fragments about her life, but it's all just shards of a whole.  Losing her life stories made it feel like even more of her is gone.
"Nana" - 2009

The loss was saddening, but there was a benefit: it refreshed to me the value of all stories.

Stories are important, our heritage is important, and they deserve to be preserved.  That's what "Memories in Print" is all about.  It combines my journalistic training and my deep love and respect for people's stories and works to preserve the stories of others.